Nicola – cozze kebab & coca cola [ENG]

Dear sponsors,
the movie is done, richer than ever with an incredible result.
The incredible part is mainly the amazing support we had from you.
We received donations from the entirety of Italy, Massachusetts (Usa), Belgium, Czech
Republic, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, New York, the Netherlands, Estonia,
Illinois, New Zealand, California, Austria, and Denmark. In addition to financial support, all
these countries wanted to convey the worldwide appreciation of the project.
Thanks to you all it was possible to go over the most important steps of St. Nicholas’ huge
cultural journey, shooting the movie in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey,
and the United States; as well as Bari and various Italian regions.
It was a “work in progress” we thought we’d never finish: every time we approached
completion, we figured we needed to gather more material and shoot in other countries,
and thus our needed budget levitated. But we never gave up, regardless of the time spent,
and in June 2019 we had managed to obtain all the footage needed.
On our way we were kindly welcomed and hosted by entire communities, such as (special
thanks to the people in the brackets) Politics and Press Officer Embassy of the Kingdom of
the Netherlands, Sint Niklaas’ Italian school (Miepol and Dirk), the Communication Ville de
Nancy (Fabio Purino and Emilie Froncoise), Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism
(Murat Sarac), Bari’s Associazione Myrabilia, Saint Nicholas Society (father James
Rosenthal), Nicholas study center (Gerardo Cioffari).
Many professionals on international scale joined the project, like the musician Ivan Iusco,
that is finalising the soundtracks directly from Los Angeles with his MinusHabenRecords.
The preview that we had scheduled for May 2020 – during St. Nicholas’ fair in Bari – got
postponed because of the lockdown that happened worldwide, but this gave us the chance
to partecipate in the Venice Festival contest that will take place in September 2020.
Regardless, the movie will come out the 6th of December 2020 (Provided that further
Covid-19 restrictions aren’t applied).
We will keep you updated on the screenings.
If any of our sponsors did not receive our rewards, please contact
[email protected] attaching the donation receipt, and we'll make sure to ship what
is due.
Thank you.
Info. Documentary produced by OZ Film – international film production company founded
in 2002 ( with the support of Apulia Film Commission.