Libertà Libertà

Bari. South Italy. One road – Freedom street – divided two zones and two social types: one rich e lightness, the other poor and darkness. A shopkeeper from the high class area of Bari tries to buy (With the power of money) a shop on the other side (in the poorer area) of the city to make a warehouse, but the owner of this shop has too much pride and refuses to sell. In a part of the city, in the dark afternoon of Christmas, the friends of the small shop keeper, look on, but are unable to do anything, to help him. A street called freedom, said two times, becomes a strong cry of revenge.




Francesco Lopez


'Quelli del cinema'

Project Manager

Michelangelo Fiore


Marcello Introna, Andrea Mirizzi, Miri Dervishj, Grazia Quarta, Domenico Del Carmelo